About Western Allied


"The mission of Western Allied Mechanical is to design, build, and maintain high quality and efficient HVAC systems; attract and develop our industry's finest talent; and build enduring business relationships."

Western Allied has been a leader in the Bay Area for more than fifty years!

We are proactive and committed to our clients with superior knowledge and responsiveness. To ensure that every job is a true success, we are selective, pursuing only the clients and projects we can serve with excellence. This means that we can't do every job, but ones we do receive precise attention and quality workmanship.

Absolutely committed in every way to exceptional client service, we are owned and staffed by highly qualified personnel; many of which are registered professional engineers. Each Western Allied project is under the direct leadership of a company principal. This assures superior client liaison and the ability to bring any resource to bare on a problem while the solutions are simple. The expertise to master the most challenging projects, and the ability to provide single source responsibility for design, construction, and service, creates the greatest long-term value.

The industries we serve are facing unprecedented demands for quality, efficiency, and environmental foresight. Our goal at Western Allied is to stay on the forefront of emerging technologies and blend these with our long-term experience to consistently provide superior systems.