Heavy Metal Summer Experience 2022!

The Heavy Metal Summer Experience is back with full force!

Team at Western Allied means commitment to excellence with the design, installation and commissioning of our projects by a dedicated team working in a family atmosphere of support and collaboration. Engineering Better Environments is our mission!

  • Bio

Jeff leads all financial initiatives for Western Allied Mechanical, and is an active member of the leadership team. A 40-year veteran of the HVAC and Electrical industries, Jeff has worked with WAM since 2006, serving as Controller, Principal and CFO. Jeff is committed to constantly improve operations through the streamlined management and presentation of financial data. He is the leader of our SMACNA Peer Group finance leaders who meet quarterly to compare ideas on finance and operations. Prior to this, Jeff held leadership positions at Kaemmerlen Electric, in St. Louis, MO. Outside of WAM Jeff is actively involved in the Menlo Park Rotary Club and serves on the Board as the Club Administrator.

Just for Fun: Jeff enjoys family activities, musical concerts, theatre, hiking and sporting events.