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News | February 26, 2018

SMACNA Contractor of the Year supports Women’s Leadership Council

Mr. Goodman received SMACNA’s 2017 Contractor of the Year award.

As outgoing president of the Bay Area SMACNA chapter, he recently made a generous donation in support of SMACNA National’s Women’s Leadership Council during the chapter’s officer installation dinner in San Francisco.

“I asked him what motivated him to make the donation,” said Angela Simon, president, Western Allied Mechanical, Menlo Park, Calif., and SMACNA National Secretary-Treasurer.

He felt strongly that there is so much opportunity for women in our business and feels the word needs to get out there.

The Bay Area SMACNA chapter gives a $5,000 donation to the outgoing president to contribute to the charity of their choice. The donation will be used to support the Women’s Leadership Council’s activities

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