Crockpot Extravaganza

We held our 11th Annual Cook-Off challenge on December 12, 2019. This year we had a “Crockpot Extravaganza,” which was defined as anything you can make in a Crockpot!

The participants were judged in three categories: best overall, most creative, and best presentation.

The overall winner voted on by all employees, and winner of the “People’s Choice” award was Aaron Skiver for his Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Anaheim Chili, Sweet Corn Chowder!! Most creative was given to Cinthya Carrillo for her yummy Bacon Jam. The best presentation was awarded to Colton Johnson for his Swedish Meatballs on mashed potatoes with Swedish flag toothpicks!!

Thank you also to Mary Hanlon, Vanessa O’Connor, Rob Kintz, Chris Uribe, Kenny Baguio, Harvey LaFlamme, Dawn Hahn, Sarah Anderson, R.J., Rushang Shah, James Imbruglio and Duncan Green for your participation. Each of your dishes was unique and so delicious!

Special thanks to WAM Management for supporting the cook-off for the past 11 years.