Project Highlights

Genesis Station
Daly City
Project Lead: Joe Chin

9 Story office to spec lab warm up with 7 floors of spec lab Tenant Improvement with XL Construction.

300 Lakeside MEP Upgrades
Project Lead: Kevin Bianchi

Turnkey installation of new 550-ton chiller, replacement of a 30,000 MBH boiler plant, replacement of domestic cold water booster pumps, AHU coil replacement, and other miscellaneous piping & controls upgrades in a partially occupied 1 million square foot building that will be future PG&E headquarters.

201 3rd Street 6th & 7th Floor HVAC Upgrades
San Francisco
Project Lead: Kevin Bianchi

Replacement of main floor-by-floor AC units & heat pumps and associated controls upgrades on two floors of an occupied building with GCI & Kilroy.

San Mateo Bay Center (901-951 Mariners)
San Mateo
Project Lead: Nick Johnson

The San Mateo Bay Center will consist of ~$15MM mechanical & ~$6MM plumbing scope in the Longfellow development of retrofitting two existing 7-story buildings from existing offices to spec lab/office layout. The project will include (2) central utility plants, new air handling units/exhaust fans, DX-to-CHW retrofit of the existing house system, and new plumbing infrastructure (CDA, VAC, lab waste & vent, etc) along with 7 of the 14 floors undergoing spec lab tenant improvements. The engineering team went the extra mile in completing the first coordination set through before the new year began, and the 100% DD set is also now complete.

Applied Molecular Transport (AMT)
South San Francisco
Project Lead: Nick Johnson

This is our first project in company history with Truebeck. What started as a third floor restroom refurbishment evolved into a complete plumbing retrofit of AMT’s labs in an ARE SSF building. New systems installed consisted of Acid Waste Neutralization (AWN), Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RO/DI), CDA-N2 generation system with stainless steel swagelock piping, modification to the following house systems: CDA, VAC, N2, O2, and IHW/ICW, new emergency fixtures for the labs, new locker rooms, and refurbishment of the existing restrooms.