Volunteer Your Time

The Associations Western Allied Employees Belong To

Western Allied has many people that are volunteering their time in different associations. These Associations are all industry related and need people to step up and donate their very valuable time to help make the industry better. There are many rewards to being involved and spending the time. Just a few of these rewards are:

  • The good feeling of giving back to your industry
  • They are an avenue to learning things that will help you and help Western Allied in business.
  • Great way to meet friends and fellow associates.
  • Inside track on cutting edge news and technology.
  • Great events; both social and educational.
  • Good way to mingle with clients or potential clients.

There are many associations that WAM is involved in. The following list is some of these and the WAM folks volunteering their time:

  1. ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. ASHRAE’s mission isseeking to advance heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems design and construction. The following employees are involved actively on local or national committees, boards or task forces:
  • Todd Gottschall
  • Joe Chin
  • Vanessa Lasseson
  • Kyle Schumann
  • Duncan Green
  • Benito Ferreyra
  • Chalini Ekanayake

Please note that we have many other WAM employees that have volunteered their time in the past in Local ASHRAE that are not on the list. We probably have more past presidents of San Jose ASHRAE than any other company!

  1. Boma – Building Owners & Managers Association
  • Benito Ferreyra
  1. CBE – The Center for the Built Environment
  • Loek Vandeveld
  • Todd Gottschall
  1. Cal Poly HVAC Advisory Board –
  • Joe Chin is a board member
  1. Cal Poly Engineering Advisory Board
  • Angie Simon is a board member
  1. DBIA – The Design Build Institute of America
  • Yindy Felkins and Jim Jeffrey are members
  1. Elon Engineering Advisory Board
  • Angie Simon is a board member
  1. IFMA – International Facilities Management Association
  • Jeremy Goodland
  • Bob Dills
  1. ISPE – International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • Yindy Felkins and Nick Johnson are members.
  1. Lean Construction Institute
  • Jim Jeffrey is a member
  1. MCAA/MSCA – Mechanical Contractors Association of America and Mechanical Service Contractors of America
  • Rob Monaghan – past president of NCMCA, negotiating committees and more
  • Bob Dills – MSCA Board of managers, NCMCA board member, negotiating committee and more
  • Kevin Bianchi, Leon Matthews and Nick Johnson are all participating
  1. Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce/Rotary
  • Jeff Pierce is a board member
  1. NEBB – National Environmental Balancing Bureau
  • Daniel Wong is our representative
  1. New Horizon Foundation – non-profit educational foundation to help Sheetmetal Contractors.
  • Angie Simon – Vice-Chair, multiple taskforces
  • Jim Jeffrey and Lisa Oneto are also on a task force
  1. SMACNA – Sheetmetal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
  • Angie Simon – National President and Bay Area board member, multiple task forces and committees as well.
  • Yindy Felkins – Bay Area board member
  • Daniel Wong – National safety task force

It is very impressive how many WAM volunteers! If we have left anyone off the list by accident, we apologize. Please feel free to thank the above people for their service.