Learn more about WAM team members

Justin Young
Head of Shipping & Receiving

Justin joined Western Allied 13 years ago through his uncle, who was a sheet metal foreman at WAM at the time. Before coming to Western Allied Mechanical, Justin was ready to join the Air Force, but the prospect of a stable, full-time job changed the course of his future. Justin is now the head of our Shipping & Receiving Department since March 2019. He really appreciates the culture of support around him and that everybody is willing to help each other out when push comes to shove. This starts from ownership down to his team in the S&R Department. In Shipping & Receiving, Justin is at the heart of our business. He is committed to getting the field whatever they need when they need it, and he inspires his team to do the same. Born in Hayward and raised in Modesto, he has settled down with his own family in Modesto with his wife of 13 years, Erin, and his three children – his daughter Julia (15 yrs), son Ethan (12 yrs), and baby girl Jaelyn (2 yrs). At the end of the workweek, Justin and his wife will often spontaneously pack up the trailer and head out to the lake with the family. He treasures his time with the family enjoying the outdoors together – camping, boating, jumping off rocks and just hanging out. Dedicated to doing his best at work and his best at home, Justin works hard to keep a healthy balance.

Mark Nelson
Service Technician

To know Mark is to know that he’s a man on the go! Even though he’s our most senior Service Technician, he is the tech that has worked the most overtime hours than anyone! Why? Because the man likes to keep moving and working. Mark has been in the HVAC industry for about 24 years and with Western Allied for more than 8 years, but it feels like he’s been here much longer in the way that he demonstrates the WAM way. He appreciates the family-oriented environment created by the ownership and the trust that the company puts into its employees. Born and raised in the Bay Area, when Mark was a young man, he was taught by his father to “work hard and be better than the next guy.” That work ethic is very important to him, and he is passionate about training the next generation in the same way. Mark has been a member of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee with Local 467 since 2003. Through his involvement with the union, he participates in interviewing potential new apprentices and accepting them into the apprenticeship program. Mark has two grown sons who live in Northern and Southern California, respectively. Mark used to enjoy running marathons in his free time. Nowadays, in his free time (when he has it,) Mark is into cars and trucks. He loves to work on them and drive them. It shows from his work to his personal hobbies, Mark likes to GO GO GO!

Jennifer Arellanes
Project Manager

A San Diego native, Jennifer went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majored in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in HVAC. During her senior year, Jennifer studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden where she enjoyed traveling across Europe.

Jennifer first joined us at WAM as an intern in 2014 and again in 2015. In 2016 Jennifer started full time with Pete Kelly’s Project Management team. She enjoys WAM’s family environment and flexibility to try new things. Jennifer helps run the WAM intern program and helps coordinate intern hiring and education.

Her hobbies include baking, cooking, and hiking. She enjoys trying new recipes and welcomes new dinner recipe suggestions. Jennifer hopes to travel one day to Portugal to see the historical landmarks, but most importantly try their delicious custard pies. Fun fact: Jennifer has a black belt in taekwondo.

Sandy Yu
Senior Design Engineer

Sandy was born in Hong Kong, where he grew up until high school and moved to Taiwan. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Taiwan University.

After graduating from college, Sandy had a colorful career around the world. From working for HVAC companies in Taiwan to semiconductor manufacturers in the bay area, and architecture firms in Pennsylvania – Sandy’s career has taken him all over the globe until finally arriving at Western Allied in 2012. Since then, Sandy has been a senior design engineer in our Engineering Department. WAM’s family-friendly environment is one of Sandy’s favorite things about WAM.

Sandy and his wife Connie have been married since 91’, over 28 years! Together they have a son named Alex. Sandy enjoys watching tennis and playing ping pong. He’s a fierce competitor at WAM’s March madness ping pong competition every year. Sandy also enjoys traveling. His favorite location to visit is Yellowstone National park.