Tech Innovation

Procore: An All-In-One Construction Management Platform

Procore is an all-in-one construction management platform that Western Allied Mechanical has embraced for our construction projects to handle the project information flow. All new construction projects in 2020 will be managed in Procore. The purposes and advantages of this software are:

  • Reduces paper usage – going digital
  • Access all project documents on a phone, tablet or computer
  • Share photos from the jobsite instantaneously
  • Daily logs accessible to all – no need to download and then re-upload.
  • Document control – see the following:
    • Easily share the most current drawings, submittals and other job documentation
    • Collaborative live markups between field and office
    • Automatically slip sheet new drawings, old drawings are marked as not being current
    • Comparison between new and old drawing
  • Will replace Box as a file storage mechanism
  • Will integrate with our accounting system so the ultimate goal is to have reports available for all top executives on status of jobs. Financials can be reviewed along with productivity.

Procore will help us manage all of our bids in the near future as well. This will make it easier when we land a project to transfer the data to the project.

Joe Chin and Jim Jeffrey are our two leads on the conversion of all construction jobs. If you have any questions on Procore, they will happily help you.