Western Allied's 60th Anniversary!

In 1961, Western Allied is founded as an HVAC contractor by Pat Mattson, Hans Sommer, and Harold Waterman in Santa Fe Springs, California. In 1972, WAM expanded to Northern California – and the rest is history. Here is to 60 years in the industry!

Baby Announcement

Congratulations to the Fraumeni family in welcoming their first baby boy on 1/13/21. His name is Pierson Richard Fraumeni.


Congratulations to Jeff T. Neumann on getting his PE License!

Baby Announcement

Congratulations to the Niu family, with the arrival of their newest little one, Roland Niu, who was born on 12/31/2020.

Congrats Grad!

Kevin Gomes’ Daughter, Taylor, graduated from UCSD’s nursing program and now works as an emergency room nurse at Sharps Hospital in San Diego treating COVID 19 patients. Taylor has always wanted to be a nurse and her dream was to work in the emergency room and ICU unit and now she is. We are so happy to hear that she in thriving in her new career!

Renewal of "Vows"

Daniela Ruiz and her husband renewed their vows in their back yard after 7yrs of being married. It was a small, quaint gathering of close family members on October 17th, which is their anniversary. We are so happy for you two and may there be endless years of happiness for the both of you.