Project Highlights

Millbrae Rec Center
Millbrae, CA
Project Lead: Yindy Felkins, Suraj Thapa

Design-build, ground up, two-story, 22,500 SF Recreation Center for the City of Millbrae. This building will house a fitness wellness studio, teen game room, art room, multiple classrooms, conference rooms, a 300-person capacity community room and a licensed preschool facility. This will be an All-Electric building with a dual duct dual fan design, served by (3) 10-ton Rooftop Pkg Heat Pumps units and (1) 20-ton Cooling only Rooftop Pkg unit with (17) dual duct VAV zones.

Eikon Chemistry
Hayward, CA
Project Lead: Venice Ventura, Andy Stockdale

WAM continues to work with Eikon as they build a Chemistry Expansion area and an NMR room. Eikon is pioneering a new method of drug discovery based on tracking and measuring the movement of individual proteins in living cells.

Bolt Bio and 800 Chesapeake Equipment Replacement
Redwood City, CA
Project Lead: Venice Ventura, Steven Luong

This is a two-story building with this project consisting of a Lab/Office tenant improvement on the second floor and equipment replacement on the roof. The chiller, the boiler and all the pumps as well as a heat exchanger are being replaced.

111 Pine AHU & Chillers
San Francisco, CA
Project Lead: Pete Kelly, Daniel Wong

111 Pine is a 19 story high rise in San Francisco. The project scope includes the demolition of the (4) main supply fans located on the 19th floor and installation of new fan arrays over various holiday weekends. Installation of a new air cooled chiller plant on the roof along with new chilled water plant infrastructure in the 19th floor mechanical room. Once the new air cooled chiller plan is online, the entire old water cooled chiller plant can be decommissioned and demolished. The WAM team is BIM’ing the new CHW plant as well as using 3D modeling to help the team pre plan the supply fan cutovers

City of Mountain View HVAC Upgrades
Mountain View, CA
Project Lead: Daniel Wong, Amanda Pimentel

HVAC energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades with Syserco Energy Solutions. Project includes the installation of a new 4-pipe simultaneous heating & cooling heat pump at Fire Station FS-1 which will allow the City of Mountain View to proudly demonstrate its commitment to reducing utilizing gas appliances for heating. Other project highlights include the installation of a new heating hot water boiler plant, a domestic hot water plant at City Hall, and a cooling tower replacement as well as numerous end of life equipment change outs involving WAM Service.

525 University CT Replacement
Palo Alto, CA
Project Lead: Pete Kelly

Weekend change out of a cooling tower at the top of 525 University in Palo Alto. This building is the tallest tower building in the downtown area and will involve extensive planning with the City of Palo Alto to execute the crane lift.

Guardant Health 3000 Hanover
Palo Alto, CA
Project Lead: Lisa Oneto

Guardant Health is expanding into the old HP headquarters and is converting two levels and 230,000 SF of this building for their new headquarters. We will be adding multiple labs, high density data center, and re-configuring this building throughout. It is great to see our customers grow and we are excited to transform this space to create an environment for GHI to continue combating cancer.

Adicet Bio – 1000 Bridge Parkway
Newark, CA
Project Lead: Zach Russi

Adicet is expanding into a 50,000 SF building in Redwood City to continue working on their cancer therapy drugs. WAM will be doing turn key mechanical, plumbing/process, and controls for their new facility

PSAI Spec Lab Warm Up
Emeryville, CA
Project Lead: Nicholas Johnson

Working with GCI, we are creating new life science space in this existing 130,000 SF facility in Emeryville. This is the first of 4 phases in the building, which will expand our biotech portfolio in the east bay.