Team Kudos

WAM team members going above and beyond

Gaelan Dea, thank you for your work on the Fortinet project. It was challenging especially since you took it over toward the end of the project to assist in the final phase of the job. You quickly caught up to the pace and did a great job! The transition went very smoothly and DPR didn’t feel any discontinuity.

From a DOME Superintendent at the Stanford Chillers Project. Our “Grounded In Care’’ value at work… Spencer Reese and Trey Kube

Cyrus, I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a pleasure it’s been working with Spencer and Trey out here at the 440 Broadway Chiller Replacement project. Spencer has been on top of everything in your scope of work as well as bringing up potential problems and needed items that were missing from the drawings. Trey has been on top of the RFI’s and submittal paperwork, which has made my job easier to do as well as keeping the project moving forward. The Tee Tie in shut down was executed flawlessly. All the crew was lined out and set up with all their equipment and drawings to do their designated work in the area assigned to them. It was done so well, we finished earlier than originally expected. All the crane picks have gone without any issues as you already know since you were there for them. Western Allied has performed excellent work thus far throughout the project and I can only hope to continue to work with you guys in the future. I really enjoy working with professionals.

Cyrus Patel, our culture really starts at the top with our leaders like you. Spencer learns it from you. Thanks for living our values of “dedicated to teamwork” and “grounded in care”.

Venice Ventura, thank you for your work on multiple fronts. Managing UCSF CSB and Fortinet simultaneously with all of the complexities and innovative designs on each job. Additionally, the CSB project was particularly demanding with multiple GCs and rotating PMs; all while working with UCSF has its own set of challenges. . On Fortinet, you worked closely with DPR to drive the schedule and gain the trust of the superintendents. You have also worked closely with our junior PM’s and PE’s, training them and providing mentoring. You demonstrate both Care and Teamwork in your efforts, which is apparent to our clients and project management group.

Great job, Suraj Thapa, for running the commissioning for the CSB job. It was a very challenging project, but you did a great job supporting Pac Tab, Sunbelt, start-up, and the commissioning agent. You have shown a strong work ethic and dedication to the job. Have even seen you in the office on weekends. Thank you for being grounded in care and dedicated to teamwork.

Loek Vaneveld, thank you for all you have been doing on multiple projects over the last number of months. You worked very closely with Yindy to actively troubleshoot UCSF CSB and Skyline B12, gaining the trust and respect of James Conte at UCSF and Gustav (Skyline commissioning agent). On top of that, you have helped develop some innovative designs for an all-electric building which will be coming in the near future. The all heat pump, dual duct design for Millbrae recreation center both meet the requirement for all-electric heating while keeping it relatively inexpensive as compared to other all-electric systems. Your contributions are why we are “Driven by Innovation” and “Dedicated to Teamwork”, especially in a very trying year where you have been working remotely the majority of the time.

Kevin Asti, thank you for working your magic at the Clariant 3350 Old Bayshore project. Time and time again, your efforts help push the team forward for a successful job.

6000 Shoreline Weekend Team Shutdown:

The whole team contributed to the success of their President’s day weekend clean room shutdown at 6000 Shoreline for the replacement of the existing exhaust fan motors.

Needless to say, this team pulled off a successful motor/VFD replacement after some curveballs were thrown their way. They had all lab pressures back up to spec’d differential pressures within 8 hours.

Kudos from one of our clients about a successful boiler project led by Amanda Pimentel in management and Rodney Conway in the field.

Good morning. Thanks so much to everyone on your team for getting our boiler project completed. It was a wonderful experience, and your crew did an excellent job. Once again would like to thank you, and the team and appreciate all for such a wonderful job.

Scott Lint and Lou Gonzalez have been doing a tremendous job at the Penumbra job! They have dealt with hurdle after hurdle and have worked hard to bring WAM to the finish line. Without them, we would not have been able to call this job a success. Thanks, guys!

Huge kudos to the ARE 600-650 Gateway team! Everyone’s attention and dedication to this project has turned a previously skeptical client’s PM into a fan of WAM. Special mention goes to Lisa Oneto, Ben Simon, and Ed Collondrez for pushing the job forward and solidifying both the XL & ARE relationship with WAM. Jeff Lange and Brad Coleman kept up with a very aggressive construction schedule; James Imbruglio also kept up with an equally aggressive design schedule. We took a warm shell and turned it into 6 TIs – way to go team!

Shout out to Duncan Green for continuing to tackle a string of large, high-profile projects for WAM, often simultaneously! These projects sometimes require the support of a team of engineers and detailers under your supervision. You are a master engineer and master multi-tasker!

To better log the on-going and upcoming skid work in the Piping Shop, shop-lead Mike Aurelio and Ben Simon have done a phenomenal job of providing the entire WAM team with an updated schedule to ensure that parts/materials are ordered on-time and correctly. Mike is also spearheading a more consistent skid by refining the development and ordering process, all while still making sure his shop is producing finished products for field personnel. Great job Mike!

Leeroy Young continues to go above and beyond every day to keep us safe. Whether he’s throwing on the bunny suit for endless hours of COVID testing, taking calls outside of business hours, researching the latest tools to protect us, or providing emotional support to someone in need, the care that LeeRoy shows for all of us is unparalleled. Thank you for being an integral part of the WAM family!