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StructionSite and the Use of 360 Cameras on the Jobsite

To be Driven by Innovation WAM is constantly looking for new technology that can make work easier, faster, and safer. One of the latest innovations that the WAM team has started utilizing is 360 degree camera technology to track installation progress on our job sites via the application StructionSite. As a partner with Procore, StructionSite can be linked and viewed within the Procore Project.

The best way to describe StructionSite is to compare it to the Google Street view of a construction project. Using a 360 degree camera we’re able to walk through the site and automatically capture first-person views of the project. StructionSite automatically maps the path walked on a drawing and provides a photo approximately every 5 feet along the path. By walking the same path over multiple weeks, WAM can create a working log of photos that capture the various aspects of the installation that the sheet metal/piping/plumbing field teams have been working on.

Here is a link to an example of walks through the Construction Project Management area in 1180. 1180 StructionSite

WAM has been running trials with StructionSite for a few months and has seen it extremely beneficial with:

  • Initial job walks – We can go back to the 360 degree photos and look at things we may have missed during the walk. This can especially help capture utility connections on equipment, existing obstructions, or utilities that may need to be relocated, reviewing access to a space.
  • Capturing As-Built Conditions – Redlines/As-Built revisions at the end of the project can be easily done based off of the 360 photos
  • Capturing sequence of install – We can look back to see if something was installed out of sequence.

While these initial uses provide added value to our job sites, part of being Driven by Innovation is the constant effort to look for better and more efficient ways to use this technology. Going forward, these 360 Degree cameras can help field personnel by giving them more tools to communicate with Trade Partners. By getting these tools in the hands of our field personnel WAM believes there are unrealized avenues to provide value with this technology that has yet to be uncovered. We are excited to use this technology on more projects moving forward.

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