In Memory

To remember those we have lost this year

Amanda Jo Pimentel

1987 – 2022

Engine revs… whole shot… white smoke… ear to ear… flying free.

Amanda joined the WAM family full time in January of 2019 after an extended internship. Although she had just graduated the month before from San Jose State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, her path from high school to WAM was not direct.

Amanda and her older sister Alicia were raised in Castro Valley. Her mother and father separated in 1996 when she was nine with a 50:50 custody arrangement. Her father, a steel erector in commercial construction, retired in 2013 from the Ironworkers Union Local 377. He started back in the day when you rode the crane ball like an elevator to get to the upper floors. If you stepped off, the ball would swing back which made the step very wide, way up in the air. You figured out quickly that jumping off the ball was much better. Her mother died tragically when Amanda was 18. She and her boyfriend Jason, known to most as Buddy, were together since Amanda was 16.

After high school, Amanda chose to work full time. She was a waitress at Mimi’s Café in Pleasanton where she would have fun with the customers, teasing the men lightheartedly while taking extra care of the women. The kitchen help called her Poombah. In 2011, after her father talked her into going back to school, she started at Diablo Valley College. Her GPA was proof that she knew what it took to be a successful student. In 2013 she started at Chabot College, and in 2016 she received her Associates degree with honors in Engineering, working along the way as a server at Baci’s Bistro & Bar in Pleasanton and as an Engineering Intern and Assistant at Calpine Russell City Energy Plant in Hayward. She transferred to SJSU in 2016.

Amanda worked three years at WAM as a project engineer/manager on the Special Projects team, mostly under the guidance of Daniel Wong. Amanda’s approach to work was effective. She preferred the field over the office where she could support and take care of the crews, often bringing them food. In the office she was always positive and fun to be around. This positive and fun attitude made an impression on those she worked with, including our customers.

Amanda had a need for speed and a love for motor vehicles, especially motorcycles. She was an accomplished rider, could ride a wheelie for miles, often while dragging sparks behind her. She wouldn’t hesitate to spend $50 for a 20-minute slot at a designated location simply to spin donuts in a cloud of smoke. Buddy said she must’ve hated rubber. When we hired Amanda, she confided that she had an old driving violation that was off her record, it was for exhibition of speed. The throttle was an extension of her body.

The caring and protective side of Amanda was eminent. Starting when she was a kid, her instinct was to protect others. She didn’t start fights, she often stepped in to stop trouble, but she wasn’t afraid to finish one. She and Buddy regularly brought food to the homeless. She even fed the feral cats behind WAM’s offices. In front of WAM’s offices she got between a street punk and another WAM employee when the punk began hustling for money in a threatening manner. During her grandfather’s last days in hospice, she stayed with him at night, after visiting hours while doing homework. She wasn’t going to let him die alone, and she was there when he did.

Amanda lived every moment to the fullest with a big heart. We were fortunate to have had her pass our way, her free flying and compassionate spirit is what she leaves us. One thing’s for sure, she’s somewhere caring for others, spinning Brodies and laughing.


Kathy Sinfield


Kathleen Dolores Sinfield was born on January 22, 1956 in San Mateo to Angelo and Eileen Giannini. She was the second of their three children. Kathy attended Notre Dame (Belmont) Saint Pius (Redwood City), Half Moon Bay High, College of San Mateo and later Cañada College schools where she studied accounting and genealogy. She met her husband, Frederick, while working at Harris Farinon in San Carlos. One of their first dates was a double date on Fred’s boat on San Francisco Bay where they really hit it off. They married about a year later on April 9, 1983, and had two children, Ryan Frederick and Duncan Alexis. In addition to Harris Farinon, Kathy worked many places including Sequoia Hospital and Stanford Park Hotel. Kathy finished out her working career by joining Western Allied Mechanical in July 2010 in the Accounting Dept as an accounting clerk. She worked along side many of us helping to get those invoices sent out in a timely fashion among many other accounting duties. Kathy was a great asset to the accounting dept and enjoyed her time at WAM. She retired in April 2020.

Kathy enjoyed spending her free time working with horses, reading, putting puzzles together, golfing, watching the Warriors, 49ers, and Giants, and guiding both boys through Scouting. Kathy always prioritized her faith and was a Eucharistic minister in the church. She was diagnosed with cancer on April 25, 2019. Following her courageous battle, Kathy passed away surrounded by family at home on November 29, 2021. Kathy was a wonderful part of our WAM family for many years. Her smile and kind words and deeds were noticed by many. She made every day a better day for all of us. She is greatly missed.


Bartley Joseph Lee II


Bartley Joseph Lee II was born to Charlee and Bartley Lee, Sr on November 15, 1967. He was born into a family of six siblings and his younger sister Samone, 11 months later. He is survived by his mom and siblings, Sharlee, Randy, Craig, Richelle, Colleen, Blaise and Samone. Many of his siblings have spouses and children making the family loud and inviting. The last count of grandkids was over 20 and 5 great grandkids.

Bart leaves behind his wife, Casey, daughter Cheyenne, son Joseph and niece that was like a daughter, Jessica and her kids Brendan, Allison and Cayden. He will be greatly missed by Casey’s family as he blended in to her crazy family also.

Bart worked many years for WAM as a Sheet Metal Journeyman.  He was a wonderful employee and talented journeyman.  Bart always had a smile and an easy way with his co-workers.  He will be missed by many but never forgotten by those that knew him.