Peer Group Review Update

An overview

As some of you may know, WAM is part of a PEER Group of like sized mechanical contractors across the nation. The goal of the PEER group is to leverage our expertise and knowledge in the industry to help each company improve.

Every 4 years each company is reviewed. The review process involves a deep dive into our organization and involves some interviews with our staff. In November of 2021 it was our turn to be reviewed by the group and a few of you may have been part of the interviews.

Part of the process includes a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and below are some highlights:

Strengths: family atmosphere, reputation, willingness to invest in company and people, high performing people energy, forward thinking company, Service Trade.

Weaknesses (things to work on): need a transition plan for special projects, need to strengthen capitalization as company grows, need for plumbing department leader, need to focus “grounded in care” across departments to foster greater collaboration.

Opportunities: East Bay move (under one roof), controls, selling TAB, diversifying in different markets

Threats: Construction pursuing wrong work, economic downturn, strong competition for upcoming talent.

Overall, the message was that we are a strong company with great people in a great market. We are transitioning a lot of senior ownership which will require attention, but we also have great people that work as a team to provide a great product and are well poised for the future.

Thank you all for your time with the PEER group. We are already working on a number of initiatives to improve and strengthen WAM for the future.