WAM'S Safety Response During COVID-19

Over the past two years, Western Allied Mechanical has established and grown a robust COVID-19 mitigation and response program due to the coronavirus that has fueled the pandemic. While we have frequently updated proactive policies during the entirety of the pandemic with more experience gained, we are confident that Western Allied is better equipped for the changes imposed on the company by federal, state, and local government to ensure the safety of the Western Allied Family.

Western Allied has been an industry leader in terms of offering in-house rapid COVID-19 testing conducted by a small group of nurse-trained WAM authorized testers. The ability to perform accurate testing in a quick timeframe within the infectious period has been instrumental in getting our crews back to work, managing the spread and saving the company time and money.

Over the Winter peak, resulting from holiday gatherings and travel, our company has seen a 70% uptick in positive COVID-19 cases.

In the Fall of 2021, we saw many jobsites starting to require fully vaccinated personnel on site and in the new year we have seen a trend of clients requiring booster vaccinations to work on site. Western Allied encourages all of our employees to be protected from the virus by considering the receival of a booster vaccination or the initial vaccination series. A combination of vaccinations and recommended measures is the best defense against COVID-19! We are encouraging both employees and all family members to be diligent with your safety at all times, whether that be at the workplace or in your free time. Be sure to wear a mask and social distance when possible, along with the recommendation of frequent hand washing. If we all stick to the recommendations, we can limit the risk to both our fellow employees as well as our family members by recognizing potential symptoms, notifying the WAM COVID-19 Team when close contact has occurred and getting tested when concerns arise. Please stay safe and let’s get through this together!