Team Kudos

WAM team members going above and beyond

A Kudos to Kevin Ng and Eva Kouyate on Genesis Station.

Dedicated to Teamwork

“A big kudos and thanks to WAM for scanning the hard copies of the as-builts into PDF.” – General Contractor.

Kevin & Eva worked together to scan and share existing hard copies to the Genesis Station project team. This reduced the amount of field verification that all trades had to do on several floors.

Keith Mitchel Kudos from GCI – Patrick Revetta

Anyone who has had the benefit of working with Keith would know this comes as no surprise. Keith is a true craftsperson and a talented person. Well done!

Note from Ellie Varley

I can’t thank you enough for making my time here at WAM unprecedented. I honestly didn’t know that a Corporate Culture of Teamwork and cooperation would make so much difference. I have enjoyed the work and loved being part of the Service Team.

I’ll miss everyone so much. Should I move back to the Bay, I’ll come knocking.

Human Longevity Project Kudos from the GC – Colin Construction Company

Just want you all to know how appreciative I am with the work by Western Allied on this project.

Workmanship is excellent.

Really glad we gave you on the team for this one.

Hope we can continue to find opportunities to team up again.