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Our mentor-based internship program provides participants with a broad understanding of the HVAC industry, while also considering the value they bring to our organization. Interns can expect to support various Western Allied projects, and receive opportunities to learn about areas of specific interest to them.

Each summer, we carefully select an appropriate number of interns to ensure that each one has a positive and meaningful experience. These relationships are mutually beneficial, as interns often become full-time employees.

If you have an interest in our industry and are motivated, smart and good-natured, we encourage you to apply for the program.

I was an intern at Western Allied for three summers getting to work in different departments each summer. I started in the pipe shop; then I was in the engineering department; I spent my 3rd summer as a PM intern with the special projects team. Since joining WAM, I have had the chance to help interview and work closely with interns working in project management each summer. Now I am a Sr. Project Manager who works with many of our past interns (now full time project engineers) on a daily basis and enjoy helping them grow their careers here at Western Allied.

Kevin Bianchi
University of Southern California
Senior Project Manager–Western Allied Mechanical
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