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Serious About Safety

Safety is a core part of our culture, and we are fully committed to maintaining safe and healthy working environments for staff, clients and the public. Our Safety Program continues to evolve in concert with our industry’s increased focus on and understanding of safe working practices. Through consistent training and oversight, our project teams have developed a keen understanding of the safety best practices that cover the broad range of projects we execute.

Western Allied Mechanical is proud of the safety culture we have built. We are constantly looking for ways to maintain & improve upon our best-in-class safety culture. It is essential to provide each employee with knowledge & confidence to plan & execute our work tasks so WAM employees, our trade partners, and our clients call all return home each day to our loved ones. Our employees are what make WAM a special company and our safety program plays a big role towards maintaining our company culture & reputation.

Kevin Bianchi, Sr. Partner/Project Executive
Safety Facts
  • EMR

    Experience Modification Rate

    2020 – 0.74

    2019 – 0.68

    2018 – 0.69

    2017 – 0.71

    2016 – 0.78

  • 100%

    OSHA 30

    All field foreman and project management staff will have OSHA 30 Certification

  • 100%

    CPR & First Aid Training

    All field foreman and project management staff will be CPR and First Aid trained.

  • 100%

    Smith Defensive Driving Training

    All employees operating company vehicles will go through Smith Defensive Driving Training