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Engineers, Above all Else

Employing a dedicated, in-house team of 19 licensed professional engineers, we work closely with clients to fully understand their needs, from Conceptual Design through Commissioning and Project Turnover. We then develop innovative and cost effective designs, and install them to exact specifications.

Areas of Focus
  • Energy Conservation
  • Design/Build
  • 100% of Designs Performed in REVIT
  • Integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Energy Modeling Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Ongoing Education in System Design and New Technologies

Change is constant, and we must encourage people to change and embrace future technology. Buildings use approximately 65% of the world’s energy, and the HVAC system uses 70% of each building’s energy. This means that design engineers can actually make a difference in the world by designing more efficient systems. We want to be on the cutting edge of that effort.

Angela Simon