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Why You Want to Work for Western Allied Mechanical

Always on the Cutting Edge

Western Allied Mechanical continues to explore and utilize new technologies to improve the projects we execute for our clients. This includes the tools used in the design and installation process, as well as new system technologies that optimize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

We believe there is truth to global warming, and that we can make a difference in the ways HVAC systems use energy. We want to educate our clients on how HVAC can be more energy-efficient and are always looking out for technologies and methods to make a better product that uses less energy.

Angela Simon, Advisor to the Board

We actively employ these tools of the innovation trade when developing new systems. These technologies enable us to design to the exact specifications of a given facility, saving valuable time and ensuring optimal system efficiency.

  • Bluebeam

    During the design process, review and markup of drawings are completed in a collaborative, electronic. Markups are instantaneously shared with all reviewers to avoid duplication of work.

  • Procore

    Allows our design build teams to share information between the field and our headquarters in real time. This minimizes re-work and speeds issue resolution, with minimized production impact.

  • 3D Scanning

    Using a laser 3D scanner, we can create an accurate model of any existing space.

  • REVIT/BIM/3D Detailing

    3D design ensures proper fit for all systems before any piece is fabricated.