We’re Hiring!

Why You Want to Work for Western Allied Mechanical

Innovation, with a Human Touch

When you partner with Western Allied, you’ll experience fresh thinking, advanced technology, and rock solid execution. You’ll also become part of the WAM family, working with our team of experts on a first name basis to envision, design and build just the right solutions for your project. Our end game: to be your partner of choice for years to come.

Their technical knowledge is better and more innovative, especially when thinking of ways to get things done in occupied buildings, while not disrupting tenants. Their approach and level of service across the board is just better.

Sean Donnelly
TMG Partners, CA

I can trust their work, and don’t have to be there on a daily basis. They are very cordial, friendly and cooperative, and will bend over backwards to please.

William Yeung
Stanford University, CA

How We're Different

  • Better Relationships

    What’s in it for you: We take the time to get to know you and the specific requirements of your project. Your vision and insights matter, and we never lose sight of them as we work together.

  • Better Problem Solving

    Bring on the hard stuff: Challenging projects are nothing new to us. We pride ourselves on understanding the issues and developing a game plan that can actually be executed.

    When you put us to the test, we’ll find a solution.

  • Better Results

    We get it done: Finding the right way to complete a project takes the right blend of practical knowledge, technical skill and attention to detail. Sometimes the solution is intricate, sometimes it’s simple.

    Either way, we deliver results...on time, on budget, on the money.