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Article | April 24, 2024

Employee Highlight – Catalino Alfonso, Service Foreman

Being a WAM service technician not only involves technical know-how, but also a professional approach with clients out in the field and team members internally. Just recently the WAM service team refreshed their skills with a day of customer service training. Now a Foreman for our team, Catalino Alfonso says of the training, “Even after all these years, I can still keep growing in my own communication skills.” For over 25 years Catalino has invested his time and talent into the field of HVAC and today he is one of our best. His client at Microchip said, “Catalino has always provided good customer service and has been a reliable, hardworking and honest technician that we can trust.”

Catalino explained that when arriving at buildings to do a repair or maintenance there is great variation among the equipment from client to client. He explained, “The problem solving and approach to each repair can be completely unique to that building.” Therefore, keeping pace with the technical skills needed is the most challenging aspect for all the service technicians. To help our team stay ahead of the learning curve the department has formed a training committee. Jeremy Goodland, Vice President of Service a member of the safety committee says, “Catalino’s passion for learning provides invaluable insight to our Technician Training Committee and helps drive us to remain on the cutting edge of our everchanging industry.”

Catalino enjoys mentoring co-workers with less experience as he knows the value of hands-on training for improving skills and abilities. Stas Yudashkin is one who has appreciated hands on training from Catalino and he remarks, “There is a lot of different things he has taught me and helped me walk through different scenarios. He is a team player and always willing to go above and beyond to help, it doesn’t matter if it’s during hours or after hours he is always teaching and helping out.” Since Catalino is a Foreman and one of the more experienced service technicians, he has also built many strong client relationships over time. For example, his client at the Packard Foundation, says “Catalino is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering excellent service.” Western Allied is proud of the great relationships Catalino has developed among his team and among his customer accounts.

When he is not hard at work on HVAC service calls you might find him enjoying his favorite hobby out on the Motherlode Lakes bass fishing. He is also a great cook on the barbeque and skilled with using a smoker. This year he participated in the “Slap Yo Daddy” cooking class at WAM where several barbeque enthusiasts learned techniques for becoming even better behind the grill.

Catalino and fellow barbeque enthusiasts take a class at WAM from “Slap Yo Daddy.”

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