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Article | February 14, 2024

Growing Talent at WAM

Bringing innovation into the workplace is one of the benefits of training and development courses. We are celebrating the recent successful completion of the SMACNA professional development certificate for Project Managers by Kirk Lane and Mitchell Berger.

This has been a valuable PM training course and WAM has been sending project engineers for 20+ years starting with Zach Russi and Eddie Patterson. It’s great to see the next generation of WAMers finding the same value in attending the course.

Here is what they had to say in terms of highlights from the project management program:

Mitchell Berger: “The key takeaways I had were the great importance of communicating information with the entire project team, conversational skills, and a greater understanding of workflows. Specifically, regarding communication, I was shown the impact that both field and office have on the success of a project and that integrating input from all branches into every stage of a project can set everyone up for success as well as build trust internally and with our clients. Overall, had a great time connecting with other people in the industry and learned a great deal about not only work management, but also life management.”

Kirk Lane: “Participating in the SMACNA project management program was a transformative experience. I not only gained a deep understanding of project planning and execution, but I also honed my leadership and communication skills. The program improved my ability to manage projects effectively and provided a strong foundation for advancing my career and contributing more to our organization’s success.”


Our goal as an organization is to continue to train with both internal and external training courses. The investment in the growth of our employees helps us achieve the goal of being the preferred mechanical contractor in the Bay Area.

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