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Article | November 1, 2023

Letter from a Principal –by Kevin Bianchi, Vice President Construction

What a journey the past 15+ years have been for me here at WAM!

Way back in the summer of 2005 I accepted an offer from Angie Simon for a summer internship working as a driver in the pipe shop. Back then our operations were primarily at 1180 O’Brien with the satellite pipe shop on Kelly Court with just 3-4 people in the shop each day, including me. That summer, Mike Aurelio challenged me to step outside my comfort zone teaching me to grind steel pipe and I-beams. I learned a ton from Mike back then and glad he is here still today as the piping/plumbing shop General Foreman helping the current generation of WAMers understand what we build and how we build it.

The following summer (2006) I was given the opportunity to work in engineering under Loek Vaneveld who was the Engineering Team Manager. Again, my eyes were opened to a different side of the operation where I gained some foundational design knowledge that I still use today. Then in the summer of 2007, heading into my senior year, I interned as a Project Engineer under Pete Kelly and his team in the special project group and worked closely with Eddie Patterson (now our Estimating Manager). That summer I got exposed to different types of HVAC equipment replacement projects that were both challenging to set up and execute, but always fun to see the final product after our field crews somehow pulled off the unthinkable over the course of a weekend. Those experiences confirmed that project management was the career path for me. I gladly accepted the offer to start as a Project Manager following my graduation in the summer of 2008 and haven’t looked back since.

For those starting out in project management, I encourage cross-department collaboration. I feel that solid communication and a willingness to listen and learn from each other is key to our success. When our field team knows that the shop and office always has-their-back, they are confident to deliver a high-quality product. Take time to walk through our shops, talk regularly with our field crew members and visit our jobsites. When you get to know one another, you will more easily solve issues together when you face the challenges that inevitably come forward from job to job. In the same way, this collaborative approach demonstrates our concern and care for our clients and meeting their project goals.

Our “dedication to teamwork” and “grounded in care” core values at WAM have kept me motivated over the years. From an early age through college, I played many team sports, and although working in the office isn’t a sport, I believe both settings succeed more with collaboration and innovation. Knowing that everyone at WAM truly “gives a sh*t” makes me proud to belong here. I am grateful for the path that has allowed my career to grow within WAM and I am looking forward to what lies ahead as I continue to find new areas to contribute, collaborate and innovate alongside our world class team.

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