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Article | September 20, 2023

Project Highlight: 270 East Grand

230 E Grand is a core & shell office/lab conversion for PMA/Healthpeak. Our scope includes building infrastructure, plumbing services for Mechanical, and new restroom cores.

Our recent project at 230 E. Grand was a core & shell office/lab conversion for our client PMA/Healthpeak in collaboration with Hathaway Dinwiddie. Our scope of work included building infrastructure, plumbing services for mechanical, and new restroom cores.

Management Expertise

The team of Jeff Lema, Foreman and Steve Kacludis, Project Manager have exhibited care, teamwork and innovation in navigating this difficult and ever-changing project. They have shown patience with changes, and worked professionally with the Hathaway Dinwiddie team to deliver a system that is functional, practical, and mechanically sound.

Furthering Prefabrication

On the detailing side, 230 E. Grand was one of the first jobs where the restroom cores were BIM modeled and fully prefabricated in the shop, displaying our core value of “Driven by Innovation.”

After installation, Jim Jeffrey, Director of Operations, brought our team together to discuss lessons learned and we received feedback from the detailing department, the shop, and our field team, so that we can continue incremental improvements as we go forward with increased prefabrication. We are proud of the progress that our fabrication shop has made since moving into our new space, and the open communication between all parties helps with continual improvement and progress.

Client First Solutions

Due to tenant improvement projects going on concurrently with the core and shell, Western Allied Mechanical has become the preferred plumbing subcontractor on the project among the plumbing subs onsite. Because of our team-first approach, we worked with the building ownership to pivot from individual tenant provided clean dry air (CDA) and lab vacuum equipment (VAC), which took up valuable real estate in tenant spaces, and instead proposed centrally located CDA and VAC skids in the service yard outside the building footprint. This not only provided more leasable space, but conserved energy use, and provided future capacity for the unleased space to be provided with these systems on Day 1. Thanks to Mario Carranza our Plumbing Design Engineer, for diligently working with the team on sizing, layout, and “future-proofing” the system for our client. We firmly believe that always looking out for the best interest of the client and what’s best for the life-span of the building, provides value that is unmatched in our industry.

Special Thanks

Kudos on a job well done to: Jeff Lema, Foreman; Steve Kacludis, Project Manager; Mario Carranza, Plumbing Design Engineer; Matt Pheil, Plumbing Detailer, and all of the team for their hard work on this project and for demonstrating the best of our WAM core values!

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