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Article | June 12, 2024

Safety Article: Heat Illness Prevention

The summer months are upon us and so are rising temperatures in the weeks and days ahead. Outdoor and indoor heat exposure can be dangerous for your health.

Our safety reminder message comes down to three key words: Water. Rest. Shade.

Review this list of recommendations to help prevent and treat heat-illness during the hot weather.

  1. Increase the frequency and amount of hydration

    • Drink one quart of water per hour throughout the day
  1. Dress for the heat

    • Wear cooling PPE such as moisture-wicking materials, cooling gators and neck wraps. If cooling PPE is needed, please contact the WAM Safety Team.
  1. Acclimatize

    • Take more frequent breaks to assess how you feel and give time to recover from the affects of heat
  1. Find shade or a cool area

    • Take breaks in a designated shaded area or cooled environment
  1. Look out for each other

    • Monitor yourself and others for signs of heat illness to include:
      • Abnormal thinking or behavior
      • Slurred speech
      • Seizures
      • Loss of consciousness
      • Headache or nausea
      • Weakness or dizziness
      • Heavy sweating or hot, dry skin
      • Elevated body temperature
  1. Take these actions if someone is showing signs of heat illness:
    • Move to a cooler location
    • Give water to drink
    • Cool with water, ice or a fan
    • Do not leave alone
    • Seek medical care if needed
    • Report it to the Safety Team
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