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Article | February 28, 2024

WAM’ers Guide Industry Attendees on Prefabrication Know How

The 2024 Advancing Prefabrication Conference is taking place in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center in late February. This year our very own Joe Chin, Randy Freitas and Jim Jeffrey are hosting a panel to share lessons learned from our journey to begin pre-assembly at Western Allied Mechanical.

Pre-assembly is a process for assembling aspects of our sheet metal or plumbing work before we head to the jobsite. We look for prefabrication and assembly that can be done in our own workshops to save time out in the field for us and our client. In some cases we can buy products that are partially assembled for us, or in other situations we may assemble parts in advance like a kit. Additionally, we have made advances in how we stage deliveries, load parts, and plan what mechanism is best for bringing them in the building such as in elevators or by crane. The final key component is looking for ways to bring in digital innovation with planning, tracking and record keeping.

Having a plan and communicating the reason for taking extra steps ahead of time has been key to building buy-in among all the team members. With each job having unique time constraints and different technical complexities, prefabrication or preassembly plans are continually customized, improved and reviewed. While we still have room to grow in our preassembly efforts we are looking forward to speaking on the panel and encouraging other attendees at the Advancing Prefabrication conference to glean from our lessons learned and apply them to their own operation for greater success.

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